10 inexpensive ways to treat your lover on Valentine’s day:

1: Make a romantic picture frame for your lover with your favourite photo of you two together.
2: Write your lover an original, romantic poem, or a “101 reasons why I love you” list.
3: Take your lover on a romantic afternoon hike or walk.
4: Have flowers delivered to your lover at home or work.
5: Take your lover on a romantic drive in a rich part of town to look at houses together.
6: Buy an inexpensive bottle of wine for you and your lover to share.
7: Pack a special, romantic picnic for you and your lover.
8: Have a romantic dinner waiting for your lover after work.
9: Make a scrapbook of all the romantic notes and cards you’ve received from your lover.
10: Try an exciting new recreational activity with your lover that neither of you have done before.